1. Go to (My consultant ID is 117625865)​

2. Select “register” at the top & choose start earning as an independent consultant

3. Fill out info accurately & press “select” to the New Independent Consultant Registration (press next)

4. Choose i agree AND “i would like to receive promotional communications” (so you can get your confirmation email!)


5. Add registration to bag, scroll down, to “upgrade your welcome kit”


6. Becoming a product of the product is SO important because your network wants to hear YOUR testimonial! Press “add to bag” for the Arbonne Essentials- Arbonne Special Value Pack with Protein Shake and customize (add two flavours of protein and two flavours of fizzies and choose the body cleanse).


7. At this point you can shop around and add anything else to your bag - we recommend the RE9 advanced- Arbonne special value pack or any other personal care/makeup products!


8. Scroll down and add your free gift!!


9. Select Proceed to checkout & finish up!

10. YOU'RE A BUSINESS OWNER CONGRATS!!!! Message whoever sent you this link when you get the email confirmation !!!

11. Next you'll want to go to the TEAM page and get started! Get yourself a binder to put your guide & printouts in as well as a dayplanner  or calendar to keep track of your schedule!

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